May 24, 2024

The Best Investment Apps of 2024: A Comprehensive Review

In the fast-paced world of investing, staying on top of the latest tools can give you an edge. As we move into 2024, a new generation of investment apps has emerged, offering enhanced features, better user experiences, and more powerful analytics than ever before. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, these apps can help you manage your portfolio more efficiently. Here’s a comprehensive review of the best investment apps of 2024, detailing their key features, usability, and overall performance.

1. WealthFront

WealthFront continues to impress with its user-friendly interface and robust portfolio management tools. It offers automated investment planning services tailored to your risk tolerance and financial goals. The app’s Tax-Loss Harvesting feature remains a standout, optimizing investments for tax efficiency.

2. Betterment

Betterment makes investing accessible for beginners and experienced investors alike. Its goal-oriented investing framework and customizable portfolios make it a great choice for setting and achieving financial goals. In 2024, Betterment enhances its services with improved financial advice accessible directly through the app.

3. Robinhood

Known for making trading accessible to the masses, Robinhood continues to evolve. In 2024, it expands its offerings to include more types of assets, including options and cryptocurrency, making it a versatile app for trading a wide range of securities without commission fees.

4. Acorns

Acorns is ideal for those who want to invest without the hassle of actively managing their portfolios. It automatically invests your spare change by rounding up purchases linked to your credit or debit cards. This year, Acorns has improved its educational content to help users understand the basics of investing as they grow their wealth.


For more advanced traders, E*TRADE offers powerful tools and extensive resources. The app provides a comprehensive platform for trading stocks, bonds, funds, and more. Its sophisticated analytical tools and real-time data make it suitable for serious investors looking to actively manage their investments.

6. M1 Finance

M1 Finance combines the best of automated investing and custom portfolio building. You can create a portfolio of stocks and ETFs or choose from pre-built portfolios tailored to various investment horizons and risk levels. M1’s “Pie” investment model visually breaks down asset allocations, simplifying portfolio adjustments and rebalancing.

Features Comparison

When choosing an investment app, consider the following features based on your needs:

  • Fees and Commissions: Look for apps with low fees and free options for basic trading and investing.
  • Investment Options: Consider the types of assets you can invest in, such as stocks, bonds, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies.
  • User Experience: User-friendly design and accessibility are crucial, especially for new investors.
  • Tools and Resources: Advanced tools like real-time analytics, educational resources, and customer support can enhance your investing experience.
  • Security: Ensure the app has strong security measures to protect your financial data.


Investment apps have democratized access to the financial markets, making it easier than ever to start building wealth. Whether you’re looking for comprehensive financial management tools, low-cost trading, or automated investing, the best investment apps of 2024 offer something for everyone. By choosing the right app for your financial goals, you can maximize your investment potential and manage your portfolio with confidence.

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